Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin. . .

Last weekend Art In The Park yielded one sale of a Now.For.Art shirt, we have 8 dollars as an organization. At least that will be one round of flyers that doesn't come from my or anyone else's pocket. Thank you to our number one fan, who ever you are.

More importantly a lot of really excellent dialog about art, specifically in Northampton, took place at least in the one day + hour and a half I was able to be present. I feel like a lot of exciting things are going to start popping up in Northampton, perhaps finally living up to its (currently unwarranted) tag as being an art hub.

In other news, Now.For.Art will be picking up a couple extra hands this fall, and we will also be implementing a monthly artist's t-shirt series. Featuring a new artist every month, we will show case and sell 3 original shirts, hand printed on organic U.S. made shirts.

Im keeping this vague so I can keep your interest, shit is going to get exciting.

Oh, and pass the word on Papergirl 2010, again mail or drop off submissions to
103 State St Ap. 4
Northampton Ma
See this post, for a few more details.

I will write more indepth about Papergirl in the next few days for those who aren't totally keen on what the deal is.

Email for questions/comments


Bea Modisett said...

Would you be selling anything online??

Katherine Mary III said...

Yes Bea Modisett, everything will be available for sale online. The plan is to have a new website for September which will include a "Shop". The shirts will be limited edition runs with us, but we will not retain any exclusivity with the designs in most circumstances, i.e. Brendan McCauley will be our first feature in September and his design for our Papergirl flyer will be one of his three shirt designs. Essentially we will encourage him to get on Etsy or Threadless with his two other designs (that are not for Papergirl). We will make the same suggestions to all future artists, once our stock runs out they are free to carry their designs on in other venues. As long as we carry stock of their designs they will continue to receive 50% of the sales of their shirts. So, you want two of every design for the next three years, yes? Gimme dat monaaaaayyy!!!