Monday, January 3, 2011

Call For Proposals! Valley F.E.A.S.T.

With our budget all set and the wheels in full gear, Valley F.E.A.S.T. is well on it's way. Our first round is scheduled for January 22nd 2011 at the Elevens in Northampton MA.

If you are an artist working in any medium in the Pioneer Valley, it's definitely time for you to check out our Submit A Proposal Page on our Valley F.E.A.S.T. site.

To recap once again, Valley F.E.A.S.T. is a series of recurring events where we have some great exciting eats, some totally rad entertainment and of course artists will present proposals for their projects that need funding. All of our lovely guests will vote on the proposals and the winners take home a sack of cash!

We are encouraging the actual presentations at the F.E.A.S.T. event to be innovative and the only rule is to do your best to convince the audience that your project deserves the dough! The presentation should sit somewhere between 3-7 minutes and we're open to working with you to accommodate how you want to present.

The rules are simple and anything goes so long as it's rooted in creativity and can be accessed by the community. Winning proposals will need to be presented at an upcoming F.E.A.S.T., this way the community gets to see the amazing things that their money went to support. Again check out our Submit A Proposal Page for full details and get those proposals rocking! Also, never hesitate to email us if you have questions or need a few pointers for your proposal,

To reiterate the beauty of this project, it's locally funded, it's democratically based, it's about community and it's super fun. Our requirements are minimal compared to other cultural funding opportunities and outside of the possibility of winning some cold hard cash it is an extraordinary opportunity to network, get the word out about your work and to engage with your community.

If you are interested in getting involved with F.E.A.S.T. outside of submitting a proposal, check out our How To Get Involved: Artists and How To Get Involved: Non Artists pages and be sure to send us an email at so we can figure out how to get you plugged in. We're open to all ideas and suggestions, so bring em!

We are super psyched to see what you folks come up with, get those proposals in!