Saturday, July 17, 2010

Art In The Park

Next week is Art in The Park, an initiative by the B.I.D. to allow free booth space to artists in downtown Northampton in conjunction with the towns side walk sale.

Brendan McCauley, Eben Kling and myself, amongst many other folks will be present selling artsy goods.

I believe Brendan and Eben will be selling works on paper along with some paintings. I on the other hand will be selling shirts for which the proceeds will go towards NOW.FOR.Art's operational expenses. This is one of three designs, the other two which will miraculously formulate somehow between now and Thursday.

Here's a sneak peak, or rather a lousy photo from my phone.

A full itinerary for the weekend, which will also include performances, is expected late this weekend, I'll post when it comes out.

just be groovy.

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