Monday, November 15, 2010

Papergirl Northampton, happened like, over a month ago...

Today we bring you a long over due peak at how Papergirl Northampton 2010 went over. Sadly this year we were very strapped with time and resources and unfortunately our documentation suffered a great deal. Non the less these not so great photo's will illustrate a basic idea of what things looked like.

I will attempt to offer more in the way of words to describe Papergirl 2010. This year we tapped in at just under 400 pieces of art work from about 70 participating artists.

We had two different packages come from Germany, one of which was part of the Papergirl Post Office being established by the crew in Berlin, responsible for the concept and origination of Papergirl. The "Post Office" is being set up as a way to keep the original crew involved and also to draw stronger connections to the many, MANY Papergirl camps around the world. In the near future we will be starting up collections to send over to the Berlin Post-Office to be re-distributed all over creation.

We also had submissions from as far as California, Florida and also the UK! It's wonderful to see folks taking initiative to get their work into other states and countries just so it can be given out for free.

This year we also had a table with art supplies set up at our reception so that folks who'd missed our deadlines or just straight up didn't know, could whip up something to throw into the pile. The results were great, seeing strangers sitting at a table together making art to give away! Supper rad and big thanks to Brendan McCauley for the idea and making it happen!

Over all I think this years distribution was a bit more romantic than last years, we only had 5 cyclists to hand out over 100 pieces of art work. All of them being close friends, collaborators and huge supporters it was absolutely terrific to get to send fewer cyclists out with more work so they could really take time and enjoy handing out the work. I don't doubt that last years group had fun but I think they all wanted more time on the street!

And here is just a moment to thank all the super people who make Papergirl possible:
C3 for setting us up in the Dynamite space yet again!
Karen and Tim Romansky for their fantastic catering services and help with installation!
Brendan McCauley for all your flyer design and distribution as well as adding a new, awesome component to PG Noho!
Eben, he did some stuff. j/k, he screen printed all our art-roll covers, distributed flyers and installed, not to mention came up with the idea of bringing Papergirl to NOHO!
Taryn, Jeff, Andrew, Hayley and Chris for being champions and showing up on a Saturday morning to make all our rolls and cycle around town handing them out.

And last but not least, all of the amazing artists who selflessly contribute art work, not just to Papergirl Northampton, but to all Papergirl chapters everywhere, with out your generosity and willingness to share your creativity in a leap of faith, Papergirl wouldn't be possible at all and the fact that there are so many of you willing to participate makes us all love the world a lot more!

If you've missed Papergirl this year in Northampton check out the Papergirl World blog to see where other chapters of Papergirl are coming up that you can mail contributions to.

We will run our third round next year but we've got A LOT of big changes coming up with Now.For.Art so we will see what kind of adaptations might happen to Papergirl Noho next year.

Keep it on lock down.