Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Happened here?

Well, here's what happened. Eben and myself (Katherine) have more or less retired from the game of community art organization in Northampton MA. It was a great challenge but it brought great fun and many, many wonderful experiences. It's time for both of us to move forward and get our hands dirty in some new adventures. Thank you to everyone who's helped us get this far, participated in our wacky ideas and made this an incredible journey!

Fortunately for you (and for us), there are some super cool folks who have decided to pick up the torch and keep NOW.FOR.ART style projects up and running in Northampton MA.

World, meet Brendan and JP!

Brendan currently has a project in the works called BEST BANDS FOREVER aka the fake band project.  This is a grant sponsored project that invites artists to invent bands and create the visual paraphernalia for said fake band: record covers, posters, flyers, band photos, zines, documentaries, t-shirts and apparel, audio tracks, record reviews, etc.

This project is currently in a beta phase while Brendan locks down some of the logistics. Artists will be able to access a plethora of free materials including LP covers, pin back buttons and up to 20 photocopies, there will also be access to screen printing materials and possibly some workshops.

This project will be publicly launched in April. You have 1 month to dream up your fake band. A dedicated website for the project and all it's relevant correspondence should be up in a few weeks. Keep your ear to the ground on this one and don't miss out on this super sweet project!!!
We'll be sure to post the proper linkage once it's formulated.

JP currently hosts a weekly project called POT LUCK at The Elevens which is an open invitation for you to show up with food, music, film, art, performance and your eager to share and collaborate attitude. 

JP was also our wonderful chef for the previous two incarnations of Valley F.E.A.S.T. and he, along with Brendan are in the process of drumming up round 3. Again, stay tuned, get involved, eat, be merry and make your community awesome by actively engaging with the neighborhood art scene.

PAPERGIRL is STILL IN THE WORKS. JP and Brendan who already have their plates full, are in the process of trying to re-envision and revitalize PAPERGIRL. If you've submitted work to PAPERGIRL ROUND 3, it is safely and securely stored and will be distributed. Again, we'll post updates here.

There will also be a 3rd run of the Sketch Book Project, I really can't stress enough: stay tuned!

If you want to contact either of these fine gentlemen in regards to any of their upcoming events, shoot me an email kmromansky@gmail.com - (I'm not sure they're ready for the trauma of having their emails publicly accessible yet) and I will gladly re-route your inquiries.

Godspeed and cheers!