Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm not sure if it is regretfully or not regretfully that we're announcing a major postponement of Papergirl 3.

On one hand we've had a very low turn out in this years submissions so far.  So low that the project would be virtually impossible to execute.

On the other hand, we will have more time to expand and incorporate new elements into the project and now everyone has way more time to get work together to contribute.

We don't want to give up on this amazing project so we're pushing it back to the spring. With no real  tentative date set, it seems we are ball-parking for May.

We understand that Fall is a tricky time to get artists to just give away their work as people are preparing for exhibits, arts & crafts fairs, moving, etc.

We will continue to advertise Papergirl 3 for Spring of 2012 and continue to accept submissions. We'd even like your input for ideas to expand the project, we'd love for local schools and other arts organizations to jump on board.  Send us a message:

If anyone who has submitted work to Papergirl 3 and would like it returned to them in light of this new major postponement please send a message:

Do know that any submissions already sent in will be properly and safely stored and remain included in Papergirl 3's exhibition and distribution now slated for next Spring.

I have to say that community arts organization of this magnitude is extremely difficult. We have no budget, no sponsorship (all the costs come out of our own shallow pockets): We expend a lot of our energy, time and money to put these things together and especially in the instance of Papergirl it is of the utmost importance that the community responds.

Projects like this are an especially up-hill battle in Northampton where the art scene is dominated by in-accessible high-end galleries and business's with very conservative interests in "art".
We started Papergirl in Northampton for a lot of different reasons but one of those reasons is definitely to create an opportunity for artists who make work that a gallery would never exhibit, and get it out into the public to create awareness for the magnitude of under appreciated, under represented demographic of artists working and living in Northampton and the surrounding towns.

Papergirl has many facets, but two that stand out are that it's an opportunity to generously and blindly give the gift of art and that it's an opportunity for artists to send a message.

This project is about community development, it's about artists coming together to share ourselves with the community, to let them know we're here and that we want everyone involved in the local art scene regardless of age, gender, race, creed or any other factor.

Papergirl is about art for everyone.

For everyone who was looking forward to Papergirl happening in the next few weeks, we apologize. But we're not giving up, we are pressing forward and hopefully this spring will bring the biggest and best Papergirl yet.