Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Papergirl Returns for Round 3!! Open Call for art on paper!

Papergirl Northampton returns for round 3.

If you don't already know how this amazing internationally recognized project works here is a break down.

Borrowed from Papergirl Berlin (and now spread like wildfire across planet earth), We collect works of art on paper, have a big exhibition of all the collected works, throw a big party and we then distribute bundles of all the art to random people on the street via cyclists in down town Northampton.

Yes, we give the art work away for free to strangers, and that's correct, we have no idea what they will do with it.

Why would we do such a thing you might ask. Well for one giving gifts to strangers is a really nice, romantic thing to do every once in a while, even if only just once a year. Papergirl also opens up the doors of the art world to the greater public and stresses the importance that art can be made by anyone and enjoyed by anyone. Papergirl says, you might not be the person to go into a gallery, so we will bring the art to you. For some extra insight on this see About Papergirl, a blog post from last year with a more thorough exploration of what's behind the concept of Papergirl.

Here are the rules: any artist, of any age, from any where can submit any art they would like to contribute so long as it is on PAPER. Photography, illustration, prints (woodblocks, etchings, screen prints), whatever you can think of.

Our only stipulation is that we strongly prefer ORIGINAL works of art, the reason being is that we want to be able to hand out ART WORK ON PAPER, not photocopies. We want the strangers who receive the work to be impressed and want to take the work home and hang it up. We don't really want photocopies or photographs of other pieces of art. There are no size restrictions and no limit to the number of pieces you can submit. Everyone gets at least one of their pieces represented at the exhibit, or more as space permits. We had over 400 pieces last year!

Please also keep in mind that we make ROLLS of art to hand out (usually 3-4 pieces per roll), illustration board, mats, etc, in our experience don't roll up very well or at all basically. Then our riders end up with a mixed bag of packages and rolls. We like it when our team of cycling art distributors only have to deal with rolls while they are out riding in traffic, weaving through busy streets trying to hand out work, it's easier and safer for them.

Mail or drop of work to Eben Kling at 1 Linden St, Northampton MA, by August 31st.

Email Questions, volunteer to help install the show, or to ride with Papergirl Northampton to: