Monday, June 13, 2011

Papergirl goes BIG for our third year in downtown Northampton

There are so many extra awesome reasons to participate in Papergirl Northampton this year.

We've added some cycling experts and community organizing enthusiasts to the team to help us expand the programing for Papergirl 2011, coming this September.

This year, during our closing reception we've got the following awesome events in the works:

Bike Swap Meat: Got parts? Need Parts, bring em and swap em, trade only, no money!

Bike Beauty Pageant: Who's bike is held together with the least conventional items, Who's got the sweetest set up, etc.

Slow Race: How slow can you go?

Paint Bike: Yes, we're gonna use bikes to collaboratively make giant abstract paintings.

Bike Repair Workshops: How to fix some things, taught by wholesome, unpretentious experts who won't judge you for riding a 10 gear instead of a fixie.

Free Raffle: Bring a bike, get a ticket, bring a piece of art to donate to Papergirl, get another ticket, wear a costume, get a ticket, in order to win sweet prizes from our sponsors.

We're also planning a renegade bike parade, come ride with our distributors in costume. Space is limited on the cycling distribution team and we have a dedicated core group who've been with us since the beginning, so don't expect to get to hand out artwork, but you can hand out your own goods, wear a weird costume and have fun taking over downtown with us.

Anyone is welcome to participate, just please be careful if your really intent on wearing a cape. This will be a super fun ride, in the past two years we've taken over the downtown intersection during the "pedestrian walk time" and it's a big spectacle, we get a lot of honks and hoots, in the good sort of way.

We'll also have our full open house for the Papergirl exhibition, complete with DJ, snacks and TONS of art to view.

And MORE to come yet!

-This is going to be insane, it's going to be an insanely fun, family friendly, community building mash up of art and cycling.

We will be putting out a call for folks who want space for the night
but we're mostly interested in things that are FREE and accessible, so unfortunately you can't just show up and sell your crappy old Eagles vinyls, you have to be willing to trade!
Unless you are raising money for a local charity or non-profit.
-This is all still sticky, but start getting your ideas together. As soon as our process and policy is refined we will release more official and detailed info.

Individuals or entities looking to SPONSOR Papergirl 2011, via donating raffle items, project consumables, ad space or printed materials are the only folks we will allow to vend objects in exchange exclusively for American dollars, (sorry dude with the Eagles records).

Stay tuned, SO MUCH more info to come and if you've got ideas, or want get involved shoot us an email:

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