Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's Northampton, Coming Soon!

A fellow comrade has just been granted the license to begin hosting Dr. Sketchy's right here in good ol' Northampton MA.

She is still in the organizing process of pulling together the first Northampton Dr. Sketchy's night slated for March or Early April.

Follow the Northampton branch Dr. Sketchy's blog here to keep updated as more details come in!

I have never personally attended a Dr. Sketchy's before but I do know that it is a cabaret style/live performance figure drawing session, I know they usually take place in cafe's, bars or night clubs and there are prizes to be expected!

Sounds like just what this town ordered!


aster fussycat said...

Thanks for the shout out guys! Dr. Sketchy's Noha should be premiering in April once we lock in a venue and date. If anyone's interested in modeling, performing, helping with online or other pr, costumes/sets, or whatever, please contact me at Excited to get this shiz going! - Caity V

aster fussycat said...

Update on Dr. Sketchy's Northampton - you're invited to the very 1st session on Friday, june 4th, at the Elevens. 7-9 pm, 21+/$8. Bring a sketchbook and something to draw with, and friends! Hope to see y'all there! Check out for more info.